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Environmentally Safe Canada Goose Control
Using Working Border Collies
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The increase of Canada Geese has presented problems for many of our nation’s golf courses, corporate centers, parks, playgrounds, schools, adult communities, cemeteries, and beaches, to name just a few. Grasslands adjacent to water serve as attractive nesting places for the Canada goose. They like water, plent of food, and open spaces where its easy to watch for predators. Their constant grazing and debris creates several maintenance

problems, as well as possible heath issues. Geese can be rude, noisy, bold, and sometimes aggressive.

Therefore, a strong need to persuade the geese to move along has been developed.

This is where Capital Goose Control can help - with the use of properly trained Border Collies, we can significantly decrease the number of geese on your property, and therefore, decrease the problems that the geese cause.

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The Border Collie’s persistent herding techniques have proven successful in efforts to remove the threat of Canada Geese to our nation’s attractive grasslands.

Unlike other breeds, the Border Collie uses its eye to mesmerize their prey into flight or movement. The geese actually perceive the Border Collie as

predators because of the wolf-like glance they use to influence the flock or herd, called the “Eye”.

The geese, although perfectly safe, believe their life is in imminent danger, and not only quickly leave the property, but stay away longer than they would have had they encountered any other breed of dog.

It is this breed’s constant desire to work which makes them stand above the rest. Most other breeds require the gratification of catching or retrieving their prey to continue their chase behaviour. However, a good Border Collie is thrilled by the mere opportunity to stalk. They are both hardworking and extremely intelligent, exhibiting a natural instinct to herd.

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Since 2007 Doug and his team have been servicing Washington DC, the Fairfax, Arlington, Loudon and Prince William Counties of VA and the towns of Herndon and Reston Virginia.

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Herding the geese off your property is the easy part, however this does not solve the over-population problem, especially with the resident non-migratory Canada goose. Capital Goose Control will assist you in contacting the proper authorities for removing any injured or crippled birds, and filing for addling permits. We can be sub-permitted for this operation.

These harassment techniques are approved by USDA Wildlife Services and US Fish & Wildlife Services. In addition, The Humane Society of United States, and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) recommend our services.

To rapidly reduce your goose population, our handler brings their dog to visit your property several times a day at different times each day, seven days a week for a period of time. It is important to stagger these times to be successful. If we come every day at 7:00 am, the geese count the dog as one predator. Also, visiting sites the same time every day, the geese become conditioned and visit later or earlier. However, if we come to the site several time during the day, and vary those times, then the dog is now counted as many predators. Once you make your property an unsafe haven for the geese, they will just go somewhere else where they are not in any danger.

Properly trained Border Collies will never touch the birds. This is very important, especially while harassing during nesting and molting seasons when the adults and goslings cannot fly.

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